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Implement The Latest Marketing Techniques With Website Add-On Capabilities

Inbound marketing costs 62% LESS per sales lead than traditional outbound marketing.  According to Hubspot, the average cost per sales lead is $143 per inbound lead versus $373 per outbound lead.

Outbound marketing represents techniques that broadcast their message in hopes of attracting sales leads from email blasts to purchased lists, telemarketing (cold calling) and traditional advertising. Inbound marketing represents techniques that try to be informative and solve the customer’s problem through blogging, social networking and search engines.

Sales leads from social networking, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC ) paid advertising are below the average cost per lead of other methods of lead generation.

Sales leads from Blogging, really?

Business blogging helps you rank in the search engines and get found by people searching for a product or service like yours.  Companies that blog have 400% more pages indexed by search engines, and therefore, have 200% more sales leads than websites without blogs.

An outsourced web designer can easily add WordPress blog capability to your current website, on either the homepage or some other webpage.  Businesses that add about 20 posts per month can expect to get twice as much traffic as those that only blog a few times a month.  Content creators are available on Marketing Outfield to regularly create posts for your blog.

Blogging is more than just a sales lead generation tool.  Blogging can be a branding tool, allowing you to establish yourself or your company as a thought leader in your specific industry.

Become social

Blog content also positively impacts the purchasing decisions of more than 70% of users.  So you should allow users the ability to easily share your content by including social networking sharing buttons for every post.  Let users receive updates about new blog posts, and new content on other parts of the website, by adding an RSS feed capability.  Any interested user can subscribe to your news feed.  RSS is a simple thing to do for an outsourced website designer.

Your Prospects are on the move

More and more people are using their mobile smart phones to search and purchase products online.  In fact, Google anticipates that 85% of mobile devices will be Web-enabled in 2012.  You need a mobile friendly website.

You could have an outsourced website coder change the way your website is organized and displayed just on mobile devices by using Mobile CSS.  Mobile CSS allows you to have mobile friendly versions of your webpages, just like you may currently already have printer friendly versions of your webpages.  Or, you can choose to have a website designer create an entirely different website just for mobile viewers: if their mobile device tries to access your main website, they would be automatically redirected to the mobile version of your site.

Since smart phones navigate differently than a desktop browser, such as giving them the ability to rotate their phone or view a webpage larger, an outsourced Website coder could easily add a meta viewport tag so your webpage appears correctly on the smartphone.

Finally, since many users are using iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod touches, you should consider creating an Apple icon of your website.  By having a designer create an icon that users can download to their mobile device, users will have a quick link to your website right on the home screen of their device.

Social media is the quickly becoming a major marketing channel. 

Over 70% of users are more likely to purchase if they received a referral via social media, according to Hubspot.

  • When Levi’s added the Facebook “Like” button to their website, they received 40 times more referral traffic!
  • Over 60% of B2B companies acquired a customer through LinkedIn, while only 40% acquired a customer through Facebook.
  • Over 65% of B2C companies acquired a customer through Facebook, while only 40% acquired a customer through LinkedIn.
  • Consider creating a business page on LinkedIn and/or Facebook that is integrated with your website.
  • More than half of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.

So a smart move is to add a Share button on pages of your website so that all social networking users can start sharing your content with their friends and colleagues.  Tools like AddThis are easy to install for a website designer or coder.  It also provides analytic tracking of user activity.

Marketing Outfield can help you grow your company’s profitable revenue with outsourced services from independent service providers that best meet your unique requirements.  Whether you are looking to add a blog or social media button or mobile capability to your existing website, experienced designers are available to help you get more sales leads, more cost effectively.   Add-on capabilities such as these can have a huge ROI compared to other marketing activities.  Marketing Outfield is your marketplace for the most cost effective marketing for small and medium business.


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