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Turbo Charge Your Website To Increase Sales

The primary goal of your website should be to increase sales: attract leads, convert leads into prospects, and convert prospects into customers.


Increase Sales -Turbo Charge Your Website !

Turbo Charge Your Website To Increase Sales

If it was not specifically designed to enable sales, then it’s probably needs to be updated.

However, to make it a top sales performer, with great ROI, it needs to leverage modern cloud technology.

Your Website Design Should Increase Sales

If you have a retail store, it represents a significant investment.  You personally ensure that it’s design properly represents your brand, draws window shoppers into store, engages them with compelling offers, and converts them into customers.

Your website is your “store front” on the internet.  It also represents a significant, on-going investment.  You need to personally ensure to properly represents your brand online, be open 24 hours every day, provide compelling information and offers to anyone that visits, and converts them into an online buyer or a qualified prospect for your sales force.

    • To attract leads to your website you will need to do some digital advertising, do some content marketing, and/or promote your website on social media platforms. However, a prerequisite is that your website be both user friendly and search engine friendly. Effective website design for your industry and Search Engine Optimization of your site represent a good starting point.   
    • To convert leads into prospects your website content needs to help move the visitor from one stage of their decision process to the next.  Along the way you will need to develop trust and show how you will address their needs better than anyone else. Case Studies, customer reviews, instructional videos, testimonials and full company contact information will help here.
    • To convert prospects into customers, you need to deliver a clear call to action, create a sense of urgency and provide buyer assurance. Time limited special offers, free try-before-you-buy trials, and a visible and effective returns policy are examples here.

More Than 90% Of Your Prospects Leave Your Website Without Making A Purchase! 

Once a visitor leaves your website, your ability to convert them into a customer drops dramatically. You don’t know who they are, why they left or where they went.  

Maybe they just needed more time or information to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, when they are eventually ready to buy, they will more than likely be on your competitor’s website, not yours.

If only you had a chance to stay in touch with these interested leads you could eventually increase sales. This 3 step approach will give you that opportunity:

  • Give them a good reason to stay in touch. Ask them to give you their contact information in exchange for a new customer discount coupon, a weekly email about specials, a subscription to your newsletter, or a free download of expert information.
    • Free or inexpensive pop-up website plugins are available to capture prospect information. Check out WordPress for free, customer reviewed, website plugins.
  • Stay in touch. Don’t spam them or they will quickly unsubscribe. Give them useful information that will help them reach a great decision. Whenever you can, point them towards helpful information on your website. When they are ready to buy, they will remember the vendor that stuck with them.
    • Inexpensive, auto-responder software is available to automatically send personalized emails to each prospect, such as personalized thank you message, the latest special offer, new content to your site, and more. This cloud software solution is available for as little as $30 per month subscription. To get you started, check out Aweber, GetResponse or Mailchimp.
  • Automate the process.  Automate your sales process that converts a visitor to a qualified prospect, then to a customer, and then to being a loyal repeat customer.  
    • Cost-effective automation software, called CRM/ Marketing Automation, can dynamically manage the delivery of the content to each prospect; the prospect will receive personalized content that aligns with where they are in their buyer decision process.  It can also automatically let a sales rep know whenever a prospect demonstrates that they are ready to buy; the sales rep will automatically have access to the prospects contact information as well as a history of the content they were personally sent and the actions taken to date. This cloud software solution is available for as little as $300 per month subscription, depending on the size and marketing sophistication level of the company. 
    • There are over 100 “marketing automation” solutions available on the market.  Here are three leading vendors to check out:
      • small company: Infusionsoft has a combined CRM and Marketing Automation solution
      • medium company: HubSpot  has a Marketing Automation solution which includes its own CRM or interfaces to leading CRM vendors
      • large company: Marketo has a robust Marketing Automation solution which integrates with leading CRM vendors
    • You’ll find a brief introductory video series on how Marketing Automation can help you automate your sales process in our resources section.

By turbo-charging your website, you are capturing most of those visitors who previously left without buying, and sending them back to your website. You’re giving your website a second, third and fourth chance to convert those returning visitors into customers.

The net result is that you will convert more of those precious new leads into paying customers!


About David Hubbard

David Hubbard is Marketing Outfield’s CEO and Chief Revenue Growth Consultant with deep experience leading Marketing, Sales and Product Management teams. He has helped both private and public companies grow by 25-50% per year by delivering Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Sales Officer fractional, interim and project consulting services. Start accelerating your profitable revenue growth today! Request a Complimentary Revenue Growth Consultation.