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The Power Of Online Video

Video obviously has the power to inform visitors to your website about your products and services.  Videos are not just for informing visitors; it is also an effective way to close a sale and provide after sales support.  It even can drive more visitors to your website!  With the technology available today, it’s amazing how many website owners do not leverage video more.

To illustrate my point, let me share with you an experience that I had this past weekend when I was looking online for a specialized electronic device.  Friends of mine recommended that I purchase the product from a couple of well-known online e-commerce websites.  I searched the two sites and found one site had a more advanced model of what I was looking for, but there were some features that were unclear to me. The only information online was a single product image and a product summary page, so I decided to call their 24 x 7 call center.

Video Tells A Story

You can’t answer the question?!!

Everyone I reached could not answer my questions about the product; all they had was the same useless information that was on their website.  They agreed to get a product specialist to call me, but no one was sure when someone would get back to me.

So when I didn’t hear from anyone by mid-morning on Monday, I decided to surf the Internet to see who else was selling a similar product.    I came across a different website that had the product that I was interested in.

Show me what you want me to buy!

Not only did this new site have 13 different photo images of the product, its packaging, and its size relative to competitive alternatives, but it had a great video demonstrating how the product was used.   This was in addition to a comprehensive product description page.  There were  blog posts and customer comments. Needless to say, I was sold!

My only concern was that this was a small website, and it was a rather expensive item, so I decided to call them before purchasing online to try to figure out if they were legit.  A very knowledgeable person answered the phone.  I wanted to see how well they knew about the product, so I asked them what they thought of how their product compared to the ones on those two well-known online e-commerce websites.

Don’t sell me last year’s model without telling me!

I learned that the larger businesses were selling older versions of the product, and the one I was interested on this small site was the newest version.   In fact, I learned that this particular small website had discontinued selling one of the older versions about a year or two ago because of poor product reliability and customer complaints!

So I was convinced that I was making a good decision, and ordered the product with overnight delivery.  First thing the next morning it arrived.  Rather than read the instruction manual, I went back to their website.

Give me no-hassle support!

I found an installation video in the customer support area, as well as a download link with the most up-to-date software.  I was up and running in minutes.

You had me at hello, but….

Later that day, I heard from the product specialist of one of those well-known online e-commerce websites, and explained that I had already purchased and received the item from a competitor.

Had the larger competitor provided information and support like the little upstart, or at least had better product info on their site, they would have had my business a couple days earlier and I would never have learned about this small competitor.

This small e-commerce business beat out a well-known e-commerce site largely due to the use of videos on their website.  The videos weren’t of ultra-high quality; they were just highly informative and compelling.  They gave me all the information I needed to buy the product with confidence.  There were also videos describing the installation, so I was able to do it quickly without the need for tracking down a tech support person.

Videos drive traffic to and through your website.

This company plans to add more videos to drive more traffic to their website.    By tagging the videos properly with appropriate keywords, they can increase the traffic to their website, just like a keyword-rich article could do.    Apparently, Google has the ability to also translate the audio into text using speech recognition technology.   By posting videos on popular video sharing websites like Google’s YouTube, they will educate even more new prospects and drive them to their website.  YouTube even has a feature that can convert voice audio to captions.

Keep it simple, just do more…

Videos can be inexpensively produced by an experienced specialist.   By using photos or PowerPoint slides as your visual components, you can do voice-overs or just use some interesting music.  With a handheld video recorder you can create more interesting and informative productions.  There is no limit to the quality that you can produce.  After all, a 60 second television commercial is really just a short video, although the cost for most companies is prohibitive if you’re trying to show it during the Super Bowl.

Prospects are probably at your website to seriously consider buying your product; they’re not looking to get entertained, they’re looking to find a solution to their problem.

With Marketing Outfield, you can grow your business with cost effective marketing services.   Like written content, your images and video can be used to inform prospects, convert prospects to customers, and provide immediate after sales support.  As a significant added value, when properly tagged with keywords for search engine consumption, they will increase the number of prospects to your website.   Placing your videos on other websites increases your traffic even more.   In fact, whenever you create content, you should always think of the multiple ways you can leverage it to increase traffic to your site, close more business and maximize your ROI.

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David Hubbard is Marketing Outfield’s CEO and Chief Revenue Growth Consultant with deep experience leading Marketing, Sales and Product Management teams. He has helped both private and public companies grow by 25-50% per year by delivering Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Sales Officer fractional, interim and project consulting services. Start accelerating your profitable revenue growth today! Request a Complimentary Revenue Growth Consultation.