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The Multiplier Effect Of Integrated Marketing

One plus one equals two, except in marketing, where it can actually equal three.   It has nothing to do with funny accounting principles, nor double counting, nor one of those fast talking marketers you see on late night TV infomercials.  It has everything to do with integration and leverage.

If you combine two or three related marketing services, such that they reinforce each other, you can get better results than had you launched those services at different time-frames.   By combining separate services into a marketing campaign, you might get the same cost but more impact or higher cost but much higher impact, and therefore better ROI.

Creating more customers

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One good example of higher cost but much higher impact has to do with increasing traffic to your website.  If you do a search for a particular product, the results that are delivered to you are a combination of websites that rank naturally and websites that paid to show their advertisement as part of the search results.

To get a website to rank naturally on a search results page, you need to optimize the website to get noticed by the search engines, called SEO (search engine optimization).

Paid advertisements can also get a website on the search page; you would need to do advertising through a service like Google Adwords, for example.

Most people would think that it would be counter-productive to do both.  After all, if you’re already on the page, why pay the expense to be on it twice?

Increased leverage

Tests have been published that indicate that having both organic ranking and paid advertisement ranking on the same page is more effective than just doing one or the other.  Sure, your expense for doing both of them is higher, but it may be well worth it to get the additional revenue increase.  More importantly, it could be more cost effective than alternative strategies to increase your revenue.

As a general rule, the higher a website is placed on the search page, the more traffic you will receive compared to everyone else.

As a general rule, the more times that a business is mentioned on the search page, the more prospects they will receive.  In addition to having your website and your paid ad on the search page, you could additionally highlight your business on the same search results page with a business listing in Google Places, a YouTube video, an article on a popular article directory, a response to a question in Yahoo Answers, a mention in a wiki and others.

You could outsource your website optimization, search engine optimization and advertising campaign management.

Integration through marketing campaigns

A product launch is probably the best example of a marketing campaign.  If you are trying to get more prospects interested in your new product you could decide to do a press release, or you could decide to do paid advertisements, or you could decide to do social media contests on your Facebook business page, or you could decide to have a white paper written for your sales force to use.  There are many things you could do to get the word out.   But, if you are introducing a new product or service to the marketplace, you have an opportunity to have a much larger impact with your marketing spend by doing them all at the same time.

By combining separate marketing services into an integrated marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to gain a number of significant benefits.  It’s much more exciting for prospects to hear about a major new announcement then just a new blurb about the same existing stuff, for example.   New announcements can help you create buzz with existing customers and others in their Rolodex, and therefore allow you to leverage social media better.   If you can get reporters and bloggers to talk about your announcement, it helps get the news out.

Everyone is talking about it

Here is where the power of integrated marketing comes in play.  Let’s say your prospect hears about your product from a blogger, a news site and from their Facebook friend.  They then also happen to see your ad.  The result: they are much more likely to personally check out your product, and much more likely to purchase it.  Why?

After all, some of their friends, respected bloggers, and “the Internet” in general  seems to be really impressed with your product; they are all talking about it!

Just tweak for marketing plan

So instead of doing some advertising in the spring, a new white paper in the summer, and a press release about the company in the fall, you could combine and integrate them into a new product launch or a new major announcement.

  • Your press release could either be part of a traditional public relations campaign, where you try to get respected reporters to write independent articles about you, or could be part of a virtual PR campaign, where you try to increase prospects coming from some online authority news sites.
  • Your advertising campaign could focus on offering a free white paper regarding the announcement.
  • Once a prospect is on your website, in return for the white paper, you could also ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • The resulting interest in your white paper (and your marketing newsletter) is dramatically higher due to having the press release and the advertising at the same time.

You could outsource the creation and distribution of your press release, the management of your advertising, the writing of your white paper and the creation of your articles and email posts.

In general, by increasing the number of marketing services where all of them have the same message to communicate to the marketplace, then the ROI is higher than if the services were executed at different timeframes or with different messages.

With fixed-price services and committed delivery times, Marketing Outfield gives you the opportunity to assemble cost-effective marketing campaigns.  By assembling different fixed-price services, and executing them with the same message at the same time, you increase the cost effectiveness of your marketing.  You could get more ROI from a well-conceived campaign without increasing your marketing budget.  Marketing Outfield gives you a marketplace where you can get cost-effective marketing services for small and medium business.

About David Hubbard

David Hubbard is Marketing Outfield’s CEO and Chief Revenue Growth Consultant with deep experience leading Marketing, Sales and Product Management teams. He has helped both private and public companies grow by 25-50% per year by delivering Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Sales Officer fractional, interim and project consulting services. Start accelerating your profitable revenue growth today! Request a Complimentary Revenue Growth Consultation.