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Align Marketing & Sales Silos To Buyers For Accelerated Revenue Growth

Interested in increasing annual sales by 25-50%? When you align the three revenue-producing functions of your business–product management, product marketing, and sales–you can grow your revenue and improve customer experience. Tune in to my interview on Commanding Business podcast for insights on what this looks like for business leaders, today.

CMO Strategy To Demonstrate Marketing ROI

“Does social media marketing give us a better Marketing ROI than advertising? If we increased marketing spend by 10%, where would we spend the money to get the maximum incremental ROI? “   These are reasonable questions from your CEO. As CMO/ VP Marketing you thoughtfully respond in terms of brand, customer experience and engagement […]

Turbo Charge Your Website To Increase Sales

The primary goal of your website should be to increase sales: attract leads, convert leads into prospects, and convert prospects into customers.   If it was not specifically designed to enable sales, then it’s probably needs to be updated. However, to make it a top sales performer, with great ROI, it needs to leverage modern cloud […]

5 Low Cost Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Business

Every hundred dollars that you spend on smart marketing could potentially give you a thousand dollars in profit. Waiting until you can afford to engage a high-priced agency, or to hire a full time employee for your marketing department, represents lost opportunity and lost revenue for your business. Make every dollar of your marketing budget […]

Website Optimization and SEO Basics

Your website is of little value if no one can easily find it.  More than 60% of consumers use search engines to read about products and services before a purchase.  When a prospect is looking for information or a product, they often input the key word or phrase into the Google or Bing search engines. […]

Implement The Latest Marketing Techniques With Website Add-On Capabilities

Inbound marketing costs 62% LESS per sales lead than traditional outbound marketing.  According to Hubspot, the average cost per sales lead is $143 per inbound lead versus $373 per outbound lead. Outbound marketing represents techniques that broadcast their message in hopes of attracting sales leads from email blasts to purchased lists, telemarketing (cold calling) and […]

A Business Owner’s Guide To Designing An Effective Website

To be effective, your website needs to attract, retain and convert prospects into customers.  Your website represents your brand.  Your website design is as important as any aspect of a brick-and-mortar store. Most executives spend more time with the design of their company lobby then they do with their company website. While you need experienced […]