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How Can Social Networking Be Cost Effective?

Unfortunately there’s been a lot of hype about social networking.  Big companies are increasing their investments. Is it the right strategy for small and medium business? According to The CMO Survey, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, marketers are expected to increase their share of social networking spending from 6.6% to 15.8% of their budgets […]

5 Best Practices For Growing Your Online Revenue

  As the business you need to define the strategies that will grow your online revenue, profitably.  However, the amount of marketing information online can be overwhelming for business owners.  It’s difficult and time consuming to figure out what will actually work for your company and your situation. You need to focus on making your […]

5 Low Cost Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Business

Every hundred dollars that you spend on smart marketing could potentially give you a thousand dollars in profit. Waiting until you can afford to engage a high-priced agency, or to hire a full time employee for your marketing department, represents lost opportunity and lost revenue for your business. Make every dollar of your marketing budget […]

SEO: Get Found on Page 1 Of Google

There are essentially two ways to get on page 1 of a Google or Bing search: PPC paid advertising and organic search engine optimization.   With PPC (pay per click advertising), your ad is displayed each time someone searches for the keyword that you’ve chosen.   You could be drawing customers from page 1 search results to […]

Tips For SEO Outsourcing

Google and Bing are constantly changing their search engine algorithms, so SEO techniques that worked well last month may not be working so well today.  The only way to find SEO techniques that work is to do extensive testing on multiple different websites at different times.  Every time Google changes their algorithm, they create new […]

Is Pay Per Click Worth It?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising from Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter, for example, can be a very cost-effective marketing technique if used properly.   As competition for industry keyword or phrase increases, it can become an increasingly expensive technique, however.  There are ways to optimize your PPC campaigns to maximize ROI. More and more, smart marketers […]

SEO Basic Strategies

Search engine optimization is about building links from numerous websites to your website.  Although it sounds simple, it is always evolving in both complexity and technique.  The right choice of SEO specialist and SEO techniques can propel the growth of your business.  The wrong choice is not quite so fulfilling. As a marketing and business […]