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Sales-Driven Marketing Introduction

Dave Hubbard brings an uncommon wisdom to revenue generation with a unique perspective of Sales, Marketing and Technology to accelerate sales growth.  As he progressed in his career, he moved between the Sales function and Marketing function, and ultimately led the Sales force and Marketing organization at several different companies.  Along the way he developed a deep understanding of technology and how it can be applied in improve Sales and Marketing productivity.

In the companies that he has worked or consulted, Dave has been able to integrate the sales plans and marketing plans into a unified revenue strategy for the company to accelerate sales growth.

Sales-Driven Marketing: A Call to Action for Small Business represents a proven methodology to ccelerate sales growth and profitability.  Through the application of cost-effective technologies, businesses can automate processes between the Sales function and the Marketing function, providing a common process for sales generation.

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Before moving to the next chapter, please prepare by conducting an initial assessment of your current business:

  • What is the lifetime revenue value of a customer?
  • What is your current cost to acquire a customer?  (Determine the full cost of sales and marketing, including the fully burdened cost of related employees, programs and travel.  Determine the number of customers generated in that period.  Divide sales/marketing cost by the number of customers)
  • What percentage of the sales force time is spent on “cold calls”?


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