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Sales-Driven Marketing: Chapter 3


If you could increase your average order size by 20%, your business revenue would increase by 20%.

We see this simple concept practiced every time we buy an appliance and the sales person tries to “upsell” us with an extended warranty.  We also see it whenever we are shopping online.

Speaking of being online, your business needs to be online.

Your prospects are online researching their next purchase, whether you’re open for business or not.    You have a great opportunity to influence their buying decision if your website has been properly designed.

The primary purpose of your website should be to attract new leads and help convert leads to prospects, prospects to customers, and customers to repeat customers.

The following short video will show you how technology can help you upsell customers.

Please view Chapter 3 video and read additional information below.

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Before moving to the next chapter, please prepare by conducting an initial assessment of your current business:

  • What are you doing to ensure that every customer is encouraged to increase their order at time of purchase?
  • Is your website doing a good job attracting new leads, and helping to convert leads into customers?


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