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Sales-Driven Marketing: Chapter 2


Question: Which type of prospect would you rather have more of: A prospect that was referred to you by your customers or a complete stranger?

Answer: The answer seems obvious, but over 80% of the time companies don’t even ask for referrals!  And when they do ask, they don’t make it easy for the customer to supply the information.

Question: Who is more likely to purchase from you: A new prospect or an existing customer?

Answer: The answer again seems obvious.  Since an existing customer already knows your company and services, they should take less “convincing” to become a repeat customer  than a new prospect.  Yet most companies do not proactively pursue customers for additional business. They wait and hope that the customer will automatically return when they need something else.

There really was no cost effective way to do it, until now.

The following video will show you how to convert customers into repeat customers, and how to generate customer referrals, by leveraging technology. You can create the appropriate marketing campaigns and then set the software application to run automatically!

Please view Chapter 2 video and read additional information below.

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If you would like more detail about generating customer referrals using technology, please read the blog post How Can Social Networking Be Cost Effective?

Before moving to the next chapter, please prepare by conducting an initial assessment of your current business:

  • How many satisfied customers did you have in the past month?
  • How many of these customers were repeat customers?
  • How many customer referrals did you receive last month?


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