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Sales-Driven Marketing: Chapter 1


Question: Which prospect has a higher likelihood of becoming your customer: A prospect that has shown some interest in your business or a complete stranger?

Answer: The answer seems obvious, yet most companies focus more money and energy on “cold calls” (i.e. a complete stranger) than “warm calls” (i.e. someone that has demonstrated an interest in your products or company)!

There really was no cost effective way to do it, until now.

The following video will show you how to convert warm leads into customers by leveraging technology. You can create the appropriate marketing campaigns and then set the software application to run automatically.

Please view Chapter 1 video and read additional information below.

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Before moving to the next chapter, please prepare by conducting an initial assessment of your current business:

  • How many prospects visited your store, office or website in the past month?
  • How many times did you follow-up with each prospect during the month, on average?
  • How many of these prospects became a customer that month?

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