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Is Sales Marketing Alignment Not Accelerating Revenue Growth?

What are the root causes preventing your company from quickly achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment and becoming a profitable high-growth company? 

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment image Marketing OutfieldSales departments and Marketing departments are struggling to stay aligned with their evolving target Buyers.
  • Sales + Marketing Alignment means aligning Sales Strategies and Marketing Strategies to the evolving Buyer’s Purchasing Process. Sales departments and Marketing departments must effectively collaborate to integrate these separate strategies into an integrated revenue strategy.
  • Sales + Marketing Collaboration means fully leveraging the company’s sales expertise and marketing expertise throughout the complete Buyer’s Purchasing Journey. Marketing gurus and Sales Pros must pool their expertise to continually optimize this integrated revenue strategy to deliver increased Revenue + Profit.
  • Effective Collaboration is extremely difficult for Sales and Marketing professionals; Sales Pros rarely have any professional Marketing experience, and Marketing Gurus rarely have any professional Sales experience, so converting functional strategies into integrated cross-functional execution is difficult to initiate.

The key to solving this impasse is to bring in an experienced Sales + Marketing Consultant to bootstrap and accelerate your Sales + Marketing alignment, collaboration and financial results.

Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to understand how to finally achieve increased Revenue + Profit?

Please email or call David Hubbard, CEO Marketing Outfield, to schedule a time to talk.  He’s an expert at increasing profitable revenue by aligning Sales and Marketing.  He will provide a complementary evaluation of your situation and suggest potential next steps you can take: no obligation. 

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