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Target Market Buyer Personas

Target Market Buyer Personas

The Emerging Importance of Personas

Target markets are for Strategic Planning.  Target market buyers are for Revenue Generation Strategy.   This infographic clarifies personas. If your Sales, Marketing and Product launch revenue activities are still focused on just target markets, and not target market buyer personas, then you are not maximizing your revenues.



State of Nonprofit Sector
State of Nonprofit Sector

The State of Nonprofit Fundraising 

This report summaries the current state of nonprofit  fundraising based upon published industry research. Improve your fundraising strategy. 



Marketing Automation Trends

Marketing Automation Trends

The State of Marketing Automation Software Trend

This infographic summaries the current state of Marketing Automation  software based upon a published independent survey. identifies the capability that buyers are looking for in marketing automation software.  




Sales-Driven Marketing

An Introduction To Marketing Automation

This short video series explores best practices for revenue generation by small/medium business and highlights how automating these best practices with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Sales Force Automation (SFA)/ Marketing Automation cloud software can deliver accelerated revenue growth.  

“Sales Driven Marketing” offers a bottoms-up Sales perspective, versus a top-down Corporate Marketing perspective, of a revenue process that will accelerate sales.