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Accelerating Sales With Sales Enablement

Accelerating Sales With Sales Enablement

Accelerating Sales With Sales Enablement

Why is Sales Enablement NOT accelerating sales? Numerous studies show that better aligned Sales organizations deliver increased revenue, and more companies are adopting sales force enablement as a discipline, yet quota attainment continues to decline (55.8% in 2016). Sales Enablement is supposed to be a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity, but is that what we’re really implementing today? It appears we are currently focused more on improving Sales processes WITHIN the Sales organization, rather than improving revenue growth processes BETWEEN Sales and others. The top priority for Sales Enablement groups in 2016 was to increase revenue, however, enabling collaboration was a priority for only 16.5% of Sales Enablement groups and only 21% of Sales Enablement had a formal process for collaboration. To achieve consistent sales acceleration, Sales and Marketing leadership must align their functional sales/marketing strategies into an integrated revenue strategy, enabling Sales and Marketing specialists to collaborate on joint execution of these common strategies throughout the entire buyer journey.   


Why Didn’t They Buy?

Selling To B2B Buyer Team image

Selling To B2B Buyer Team

How can we accelerate  B2B Sales? Win Rates We need to sell and market to every member of the buyer team, but in the end, the project will or will not get approved depending upon who is pushing it, and that person is NOT necessarily the highest ranking member on the team. In 90% of the deals there is just one dominant buyer team member involved in the decision, and, in 89% of the decisions the recommendation of that dominant member prevails.  We have a 90%+ chance of winning the deal if, as an integral part of our sales process, we identify this person, win them over, and collaborate with them to ensure the buyer team reaches a consensus to proceed.  


Product/Market Fit and Go-to-Market

Getting Product/Market Fit Right image

Getting Product/Market Fit Right

How can we accelerate Product Revenue and Profit? Product Market Fit Unfortunately, 40%-75% of new products fail to achieve their financial projections. It requires a team effort, and if we …. Sales, Marketing, Product Management … do not get the product/market fit right, then we can not get the Go-to-Market Plan right either. Ask the hard questions WELL BEFORE any product launch: Do we understand the Ideal Customer Profile, their compelling business problem, and how they make decisions. Do we understand the Ideal Partner Profile that will help us reach those customers. Do we have a Compelling Value Proposition for our ideal customer. If we can’t figure out how to win an ideal customer, then we will struggle to accelerate product revenue and profit


Social Media Marketing ROI

Social Media Marketing Success Criteria image

Social Media Marketing Success Criteria

How can we demonstrate Marketing ROI to the C-suite? Social Media Marketing. How much additional revenue and margin dollars could the company generate for every additional dollar of Marketing budget? When it comes to social media marketing, most marketing departments struggle to answer that question. Only 21% Marketers measure social media success based on conversion to revenue. 79% Marketers continue to measure social success in terms of likes, shares, re-tweets, impression, and reach. We need to partner with Sales throughout the buyer journey to drive incremental revenue and margin dollars, and a great place to start is to align social media marketing actions with social selling actions.


The High-Impact Sales Manager

High-Impact Sales Manager image

High-Impact Sales Manager

How can we accelerate B2B Sales? Sales Management. One option is to turn the sales manager into a sales multiplier. The top 20% of Sales organizations have more than 75% of their Sales reps achieving quota, 65% of their Sales managers spending more than 20% of their time coaching, and spend much more in sales manager training than everyone else. 


The Customer in Context

Customer Preferred Engagement Channels data image

Customer Preferred Engagement Channels

How can accelerate B2B Sales? Customers-Preferred Communication Channels. Customers don’t expect a fancy omni-channel experience, BUT, they do expect us to respond on the channels that are important to them at different stages of their buying journey. For B2B Marketing & Sales, it’s no longer good enough to simply send 100 potential customers a whitepaper or webinar invite. “If they say they need a phone number, they’re saying they also need someone who answers that phone, who knows a bit about me, knows about my experiences and my engagement and doesn’t treat me like a stranger.”

The Sales Challenge of Team Selling image

The Sales Challenge of Team Selling image


Understanding Selling Challenges

How can we accelerate B2B Sales? Team Selling. Team selling is a critical ingredient in winning over B2B Buyer Teams, yet, a top challenge cited by sellers is knowledge about how to team-sell effectively and helping buyer teams combat their status quo. “The challenges involve alignment of message, breaking down silos, and forming an effective partnership.”



Four Marketing Strategies That Can Accelerate Sales

 Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Sales image

4 Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Sales image

How can accelerate B2B Sales? Performance Marketing.  85% Marketers could increase the conversion rate of Marketing Qualified Leads Into B2B Sales By Up To 25% they implemented best practices for all four of these techniques: rigorous journey mapping; sophisticated lead scoring; standardized lead hand-off; and coordinated up-sell efforts.

The Need For Better Collaboration

Importance of Collaboration in Sales image

Importance of Collaboration in Sales

How can we accelerate B2B Sales? Sales  Collaboration.  Sales Teams are ready for better alignment and collaboration between Marketing, Service and Sales. “Collaboration is crucial to streamlining the sales process and ensuring customer success.” However, effective alignment/collaboration will not happen until the Marketing leader AND the Sales leader agree it’s crucial enough to their success that they start collaborating.


The Emerging Importance of Personas

Target Market Buyer Personas

Target Market Buyer Personas

How can we accelerate B2B Sales? Target Buyer Personas. Target markets are for Strategic Planning. Target market buyers are for Revenue Generation Strategy.   This infographic clarifies personas. If your Sales, Marketing and Product launch revenue activities are still focused on just target markets, and not target market buyer personas, then you are not maximizing your revenues.

 Sales-Driven Marketing


An Introduction To Marketing Automation

This short video series explores best practices for revenue generation by small/medium business and highlights how automating these best practices with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Sales Force Automation (SFA)/ Marketing Automation cloud software can deliver accelerated revenue growth.  

“Sales Driven Marketing” offers a bottoms-up Sales perspective, versus a top-down Corporate Marketing perspective, of a revenue process that will accelerate sales.