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Are Product Sales and Profit Growth Meeting Expectations?

Accelerate Product Sales and Profit Growth Rate

Accelerate Product Sales and Profit Growth Rate

As a product leader you want every product to be successful in the marketplace.  You are confident about the technical capabilities of the company, but concerned about whether the product is maximizing its revenue and profit potential. 

  • Right Market: Do we fully understand the target customer’s compelling business problem, understand the financial value of a solution to this problem, and understand how they will identify/acquire product solutions such as this?  Do we understand the additional market niches where this solution would be equally compelling? Do we understand the target market’s preferred purchasing process, the members of the buyer team, and the priorities of each buyer team member?
  • Right Product: Do we fully understand the core functionality that our solution must deliver for both the business buyer and the user, understand the existing operating environment into which our solution will be deployed, and understand the additional functionality that the business buyer and user needs to become even more productive in the future?   Does the product strategy and road map clearly identify the customer financial value, and the resulting product lifetime revenue and profit, for each new version or feature?
  • Right Go-To-Market: Have we clearly articulated our Ideal Customer Profile, how the buyer team members will make purchase decisions, and our Compelling Value Proposition. Is there a clearly documented product, price, place and promotion marketing strategy in place. Does Marketing, Sales and Partners have all the necessary training, tools, and support to engage the market effectively? Does the Marketing and Sales compensation/reward plan ensure that all the members of the field launch team, and field sales team, are sufficiently motivated to maximize product sales in the first 3 – 6 months?

If you are concerned about the above areas, the cause is poor understanding and execution of your Product/Market Fit. You may be in love with your product, but that doesn’t mean customers will be in love with your product.

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The marketplace is quickly evolving. Your customer has dramatically changed their product acquisition process and your competitors are launching innovative solutions into the market at a rapid pace.  The key to success in this kind of market is having a deep, comprehensive understanding of your target customer. 

  • Your product revenue and profit growth rate could be 10-40% higher 

David Hubbard has walked in your shoes as a Product leader, appreciates the challenges and pressures that you face every day, and will collaborate with you to deliver outstanding product revenue growth.

Please email or call David Hubbard, CEO Marketing Outfield, to schedule a time to talk.   He will discuss your company’s product challenges and suggest potential next steps that you can take (or we can take together) to drive increased product revenue and profit growth: strictly confidential with no obligation.