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Marketing and Sales Unite: Effective Alignment & Collaboration

Smart Sales and Marketing Unite

Getting Sales and Marketing departments in the same room, playing nice, getting along, and cooperating, is definitely a step in the right direction. However, the cold reality is that this is NOT effective alignment or collaboration: … [Continue reading]

Marketing Technology for Better Sales Results

Balancing Marketing Technology With Better Sales Results image

No wonder we are confused. The number of vendors providing Advertising, Marketing OR Sales technology “solutions” has exploded in the last couple of years with it becoming a large multi-billion dollar industry with revenues growing at double digit … [Continue reading]

Improve Sales Marketing Alignment to Accelerate Revenue Profit Growth

Driving Accelerated Profitable Revenue image

CEO’s and their BOD/owners should be well aware of the published stats by now: Companies with effective Sales and Marketing Alignment accelerate their revenues + profits 20%+ faster than their peers. Most CEO’s also know that their company is not a … [Continue reading]

Closing the B2B Marketing, Product and Sales Gap

Aurélien Gohier Inteviews David Hubbard image

In this episode, Aurélien Gohier interviews David Hubbard,  For this particular topic I needed someone with a deep B2B sales & marketing expertise, but who also used to wear the product management hat. David was the perfect candidate, so I … [Continue reading]

CSO Strategic Actions Needed To Exceed Sales Plan

Choosing Best Path For Sales Success

When the company’s sales/revenues start to go off plan, as CSO/VP Sales, you start to get a lot more “help” from the CEO and the Board.   With the average VP Sales tenure only 18 months, this kind of attention is not a good sign.   It puts you on … [Continue reading]

CEO Actions To Turn Strategy Into Accelerated Revenue Growth With Profitability

Revenue Growth Strategy Tune-up

Most companies fail or fall short of their potential, not because of bad strategies, but because of a failure to successfully implement good ones, according to a study by the Economist and the Project Management Institute (PMI).   High growth … [Continue reading]

Revenue Growth Advice For Entrepreneurs & Startups

Ryan James Interviews David Hubbard image

In this episode, Ryan James of Startup Savant interviews David Hubbard. Excerpts: The biggest expense is not in engineering, it is marketing and selling the right product, to the right market at the right time. Entrepreneurs need to align … [Continue reading]