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Increase Traffic With Unique and Compelling Content

More than 75% of all US adults are online every day.  The majority of their time is used for looking for how-to information, product research, and buying a product.  With all these people searching for information, the search engines are looking for unique and compelling content that they can serve up in the search results.   Yes, the content the search engines want can be about your company, products and services.

What’s your Keyword?

If you are willing to provide them with your unique information, they will send more visitors to your website.    That’s a great deal, right?  There’s only one catch; the content has to reflect the key word or phrase that the prospect is searching for.   The prospect could be choosing one out of 1000 keywords or phrases.  So how do you know which keywords that you should create content for?    Simple, you do some keyword research, or, you hire someone to do it for you.

Keyword research will let you know which phrases users are looking for when they type a search into Google or Bing.  More importantly, it can tell you whether the person searching was geographically local or not, and how many people are searching every month for that phrase.  So if you’re selling shoes online, and your keyword research tells you that “Blue Shoes with Laces” could be a profitable keyword/phrase for you, what do you do next?  Create content that is both unique and compelling about “Blue Shoes with Laces”.

The Power of Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to influence both prospects and search engines.  By having someone write at least 20 blog posts throughout the month, that are also keyword optimized to attract the search engines, the number of prospects to your website will increase.  An added benefit is that you can participate in a discussion with your prospects and customers as they comment on your blog post.

Any kind of keyword rich content such as product reviews, for example, is well worth the cost of writing them.

Dramatically Increased Traffic

If they like what they are reading, they will return to read more.  If they really like what they are reading, they will let their friends know via social networking so that they can visit your website as well.   As the traffic to your site continues to grow, you could expand your reach by having visitors opt into your e-mail subscription service.  You could hire someone to write and possibly distribute your newsletters, giving you and your staff more time to work on those things that can’t be easily outsourced.

There are a lot of blogs that get a lot of traffic every day without the help of Google search, but the search engines gave them a great kick start.

Articles work

Article writing is also very effective.  Believe it or not, on average, people read 5 to 10 blog posts or articles every day!  Many of these people bypass Google search and go directly to their favorite article directory or news site.  So writing keyword optimized articles, and distributing them to appropriate article directories, is a good way to both educate prospects and increase traffic to your website.  Obviously the article needs to identify your website and also have appropriate URLs linking to your website for the prospect to find you.

Press releases can work in a similar fashion when distributed online to multiple news sites.

Sales Copy

Through your content, you are able to attract and educate your prospects.   You have had a chance to interact with them and now have a better idea of what problems they are trying to solve.   Now is the time to either turn them into hot leads or get them to purchase directly online.  A copywriter can help you here.

By creating compelling sales copy, you can hopefully convert many prospects into profitable customers.  If you continue to measure your conversion rate, and tweak your sales message and landing page accordingly, you’ll be able to further increase your number of profitable customers.   Increase traffic and conversions further by sending subscribers of your newsletter to these landing pages as well.  It’s also a great time to try paid advertising, where your ad appears whenever someone is searching for your keyword or phrase; send these prospects to your landing page as well.  Of course, if you are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter, you should strongly consider driving these prospects to your sales pages too.

With fixed-price marketing services and committed delivery times, Marketing Outfield gives you the tools to grow your business.  As you can see, a simple piece of well written content can be fully leveraged.  It can help drive more prospects to your website.  It can help convert those prospects into customers.  More importantly, you can apply multiple marketing techniques to get maximum ROI.   A well written landing page can leverage the traffic that is sent from search engines, paid advertisement, your newsletters and others.  Marketing Outfield gives you a marketplace where you can get cost-effective marketing services for small and medium business.


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