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Do Not Let Your Website Go On Vacation

Summer vacations can make it difficult to keep your business moving in the right direction. When your prospects and customers go on vacation sales drag out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more prospects in your sales funnel to pick up the slack? Over 75% of the US population is online.

Website Sales Lead Generation

Website Sales Lead Generation

Your website is available 24 hours every day to help you capture more business. Is it doing a good job generating quality sales leads?  You don’t have to be a website designer or marketing guru to figure it out.  In fact, it’s probably an advantage if you’re not. 

If they can’t find you online, they’ll find your competitor instead

You know what your prospect is looking for and how they will make their decision to buy. Leverage that knowledge.

Do a Google or Bing search for keywords or phrases that your prospect might search for, like “professional plumbing supplies” or “reliable television repair”.  Try several search phrases.

Does your website appear on the first page of the search results for your city?  Do any of your primary competitors appear on the first page of the search results?  If your competitors appear, but you don’t, you should seriously consider doing some search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.  However, this takes time to get results.

Here are 2 quick and easy things you can do today to help prospects find you:

  • Get on the first page of the search results with Google AdWords or Bing adCenter PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.  It literally only takes minutes to set up.  Your text ad will appear on the top and far right of the search results page whenever someone searches for your keywords and phrases.  You only pay whenever someone actually visits your website.  In addition, you’ll discover the best search keywords and phrases for your business, which you can use for your future SEO efforts.  Bing and Google often offer $50+ promotional coupons so you can even try it out for free.  However, to get maximum ROI from every advertising dollar, consider buying a robust, professional PPC management service for a fixed monthly fee.
  • If you are a local business, get included in the Google map on the top right corner of the search result page.  List your business on Google+ Local Pages (aka Google Places).  It costs nothing to do so.   However, if you want to rank higher on the displayed list, you will need to list your company on multiple business directories.   The more business directories you are listed in, the more likely prospects will find you. In addition, it helps improve the ranking of both your Google+ Local pages listing and your website.  You could outsource the effort and list your business quickly in more than 250 directories for less than $150.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Pretend you are a typical prospect and do a walk-through of your website.  Does the first thing you see give the impression of an experienced, reputable business?  If not, you may need a website facelift.  This could take some time and energy, so let’s look for some easier areas to address in the meantime.

Prospects want to research and understand your capabilities before they get caught talking to a salesperson. Is there a wealth of information about your company, products, and services on your website?   You can make it easy for them to learn the benefits of your product/service while also demonstrating your expertise.

Here are 2 quick and easy things you can do today to help prospects quickly understand your offer:

  • If you have hard copy promotional materials, convert them to electronic format and add them to the website.  Only use material that is factually up to date and targeted at prospects,  like a recent magazine ad, a sales flyer you mailed to prospects, customer case studies, press releases, brochures and product sheets.  You should add customized content to your website when you have the time.
  • Create “how to” or “product overview” videos for your website.  These don’t have to be high quality (i.e. expensive) productions.  They can be a 2 minute video of your PowerPoint pitch using free software like Jing, for example.  They could be a two minute product demonstration using a camcorder. They’ll set you apart from your competition!

Trust is earned, not purchased

People want to be assured they are dealing with a reputable company.  There are a number of things you can do to help assure them that you are a real business with a hard-earned community/industry reputation.

  • Add testimonials from real customers to your website.
  • Demonstrate that the management and employees are proud to stand behind the reputation of the business.   Add the pictures and names of key management and employees on the site.
  • If your company is associated with the local chamber of commerce, or you have a good reputation with Better Business Bureau, or you are active in a social network like LinkedIn, highlight it on your website.

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David Hubbard is Marketing Outfield’s CEO and Chief Revenue Growth Consultant with deep experience leading Marketing, Sales and Product Management teams. He has helped both private and public companies grow by 25-50% per year by delivering Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Sales Officer fractional, interim and project consulting services. Start accelerating your profitable revenue growth today! Request a Complimentary Revenue Growth Consultation.