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Is Sales Acceleration and Productivity Meeting Expectations?

Accelerate Sales and Sales Productivity - Marketing Outfield

Accelerate Sales and Sales Productivity

As a Sales leader, you’re committed to making the number, but you are concerned about the organization’s ability to deliver this year’s Sales Plan, and perhaps most importantly, concerned about achieving sustained Sales growth into next year.

  • Not enough new-logo accounts
  • Not enough high-quality leads to ensure everyone’s pipeline is at least 3x their assigned quota
  • Sales cycle is getting longer, not shorter
  • Decreasing win/loss ratio with too many deals ending in “no decision”
  • Too many Sales reps below quota, submitting unreliable forecasts and commitments
  • Social selling effectiveness is uncertain
  • Sales churn rate is too high and new Sales Rep ramp-up time is too long
  • CRM isn’t helping Sales Reps effectively manage their pipeline
  • Commission plans are not driving the right sales behaviors

If this year’s sales challenges are similar to prior years, the cause is probably due to an outdated sales process.  Your customers have dramatically changed how they buy but you have not dramatically  changed how you sell.


Your customer has dramatically changed how they identify, evaluate and purchase solutions over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, your sales process has not dramatically changed to effectively qualify, sell and close opportunities in this highly competitive environment.  As a result, sales cycles get longer, win rates get lower, headcounts get reduced, sales quotas get harder to achieve, and Marketing’s ability to support sales remains limited.

  • Your sales and productivity growth rate could be 10-40% higher 

David Hubbard has walked in your shoes as a Sales leader, appreciates the challenges and pressures that you face every day, and will collaborate with you to deliver outstanding sales acceleration and productivity.

Please email or call David Hubbard, CEO Marketing Outfield, to schedule a time to talk.   He will discuss your organizations selling challenges and suggest potential next steps that you can take (or we can take together) to drive increased sales acceleration and productivity.