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Marketing Outfield is a Sales and Marketing consulting and implementation firm.

We work with the CEO, VP Sales and/or VP Marketing of small and mid-sized businesses to improve sales and marketing effectiveness, deliver desired revenue with improved ROI, and deliver measurable results within the next quarter or so.

Revenue Strategy Consulting and Implementation ServicesRevenue Growth Engine Tune-up - Marketing Outfield for the CxO:

  • Conduct an expert tune-up of your revenue growth engine by identifying the root causes preventing sustained revenue/profit growth
  • Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment/Collaboration
  • Start driving increased results this year
  • Interim/fractional
    • CMO/VP Marketing
    • CSO/VP Sales
    • SVP Product Management


Sales Strategy Consulting and Implementation for CSO/VP Sales:Effective Sales and Marketing Lead Generation - Marketing Outfield

  • conduct an expert tune-up of your Sales Plan by identifying the root causes preventing new logo business growth, sales effectiveness, forecast accuracy and sustained sales growth
  • improve Sales and Marketing Alignment/Collaboration
  • start driving increased Sales results next quarter
  • interim VP Sales Operations



Marketing Strategy Consulting and Implementation Services for CMO/VP Marketing:

  • Conduct an expert tune-up of your Marketing strategies to Sales Marketing Automation - Marketing Outfielddeliver increased Marketing ROI and consistently high-quality leads.
  • Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment/Collaboration
  • Start driving increased results with 6 months
  • Interim VP Sales Operations



We offer a complete portfolio of B2B sales and marketing consulting services designed to increase sales, marketing ROI, and drive sustained growth in revenue and profit.

B2B Sales and Marketing Expertise:

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment, CollaborationSales and Marketing Strategy Alignment Tune-up - Marketing Outfield
  • Sales and Marketing Partner/channel strategy (OEM, Alliance, VAR, affiliate)
  • Sales and Marketing Product Launch
  • Sales and Marketing Team Incentive Compensation design

B2B Sales Management Expertise:

  • Strategic Sales, Solution Sales, Social selling
  • Channel Sales, Business Development, Inside Sales
  • Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting,
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Incentive Compensation
  • Sales Force Automation/CRM
  • Interim VP Sales, interim VP Sales Operations, fractional CSO

B2B Marketing Management Expertise:

  • Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Event Marketing
  • Digital Marketing, SEO/SEM, Website Design, Advertising, Social Media Marketing
  • Demand Generation, Qualified Leads,
  • Multi-channel marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing
  • Marketing Incentive Compensation
  • Marketing Automation/MAP
  • Interim VP Marketing, interim VP Marketing Operations, fractional CMO

B2B Product Management Expertise:

  • Product Alignment to TAM, B2B Buyer Team, and User.
  • Product Strategy, Product Road Map, Value Pricing
  • Product Launch, Product Management,
  • Product Management Incentive Compensation
  • Interim VP Product Management


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