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Marketing is still Unable to Demonstrate Direct Revenue Contribution

Does this sound familiar?

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Leads Increased but Sales is not following up in timely manner (if at all!) or providing constructive feedback?

Difficultly demonstrating ROI for content marketing, social media and the MarTech investments?

Disappointing Product Launches that are not realizing the anticipated growth in revenues or profit?

The market is changing too rapidly to become proficient in myriad new channels and technologies.  You need more resources!

The key difference between high-growth companies and low-growth companies is the degree of organizational Alignment and Collaboration, both within Marketing and across all the company’s market-facing functions. 

  • Revenue and profit growth rate could be 10-30% higher with increased Alignment according to published research!

Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to identify 2 or 3 adjustments to your Marketing Strategy that could get your company moving in the right direction?

Please email or call David Hubbard, CEO Marketing Outfield, to schedule a time to talk.  He’s been in your shoes as the head of Marketing.  He will provide a complementary evaluation of your situation and suggest potential next steps you can take: no obligation. 

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