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Is Marketing Revenue Contribution and Marketing ROI Meeting Expectations?

Accelerate Marketing Revenue Contribution and Marketing ROI image Marketing Outfield

Accelerate Marketing Revenue Contribution and Marketing ROI

As a Marketing leader, you are convinced that Marketing is a key contributor to revenue and profit growth success. However, you are concerned that the C-Suite and Sales organization are not fully recognizing Marketing revenue contribution and Marketing ROI.

The market has changed significantly in the last few years with a dramatic impact to your team. Your Marketing budget has increased dramatically, your team has expanded, and you have access to a myriad of Marketing technology.  However, expectations have also increased:

  • Dramatic increases in market awareness, customer engagement, and Marketing-generated leads have not convinced the C-Suite of Marketing’s contribution to revenue growth.
  • Difficulty demonstrating Marketing ROMI for branding, advertising, social media and demand generation has made it difficult to convince the C-Suite, particularly the CFO, of Marketing’s ROI to the company.
  • Meaningful alignment and collaboration with Sales remains elusive despite initiatives in marketing automation, sales enablement and account based marketing.

If this year’s marketing challenges are similar to prior years, the cause is probably due to an outdated marketing strategy and process. 

Your customer has dramatically changed how they identify, evaluate and purchase solutions over the past 10 years. However, your marketing strategy which is focused on branding and demand generation, and your Marketing process which is focused on generating leads, has not dramatically changed. 

Sales no longer has enough headcount to identify most of the qualified leads they need, move all these leads through each stage of the buyer journey, compete for a win, and expand business in the account with up-sell/cross-sell. 

Marketing can no longer simply pass leads to Sales and hope that revenues subsequently increase.  Marketing needs to get into the game and support Sales throughout the entire buyer journey.

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Marketing has the content, the online social channels, and the technology to fill the gap, and by so doing, the opportunity to become a true revenue generation function.

  • Marketing Revenue Contribution could be 50% or more, and
  • Marketing ROI could demonstrate a decreasing cost of sales for the company.

David Hubbard has walked in your shoes as a Marketing leader, appreciates the challenges and pressures that you face every day, and will collaborate with you to deliver outstanding sales acceleration and productivity.

Please email or call David Hubbard, CEO Marketing Outfield, to schedule a time to talk.   He will discuss your organizations marketing challenges and suggest potential next steps that you can take (or we can take together) to accelerate Marketing revenue contribution and ROI.