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Align Marketing & Sales Silos To Buyers For Accelerated Revenue Growth

Interested in increasing annual sales by 25-50%? When you align the three revenue-producing functions of your business–product management, product marketing, and sales–you can grow your revenue and improve customer experience. Tune in to my interview on Commanding Business podcast for insights on what this looks like for business leaders, today.

Closing the B2B Marketing, Product and Sales Gap

In this episode, Aurélien Gohier interviews David Hubbard,  For this particular topic I needed someone with a deep B2B sales & marketing expertise, but who also used to wear the product management hat. David was the perfect candidate, so I contacted him and he kindly accepted to be my guest. In this podcast, David Hubbard, B2B revenue growth […]

Revenue Growth Advice For Entrepreneurs & Startups

In this episode, Ryan James of Startup Savant interviews David Hubbard. Excerpts: The biggest expense is not in engineering, it is marketing and selling the right product, to the right market at the right time. Entrepreneurs need to align with their ideal customer first, and ensure they have product market fit, before trying to market […]

How Engineers Can Effectively Sell and Market to Their Clients

In this episode, Christian Knutson, P.E., PMP interviews David Hubbard, PEng, who started his career as an electrical engineer in the power industry but is now a Revenue Growth Expert and the person behind the Marketing Outfield on how engineers can build the skills to effectively sell and market to their clients.  Even if small talk and […]