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Best Practices Guide: Chapter 6



If you’re going to invest in your business to make it successful, protect the assets that you are creating.

If you infringe on someones copyright or trademark, you risk doing irreparable damage to your business and getting sued.

As you brand and promote your company, your company develops assets (company name, product names, logos, domain names, etc.).

What would be the impact if you suddenly had to give up your domain name tomorrow, or change your company name or its logo?  All your SEO and promotion would be lost.  You would be starting all over again.

Trademark Law is complicated and it takes a lot more investigation to determine if you are possibly infringing on someone’s trademark.  Read this article  to better understand how to mitigate your risks: If It’s Worth Building, It’s Worth Protecting.

If your domain or company name infringes someone’s trademark, you are increasingly likely to receive a “cease and desist” warning from their attorney seeking immediate handover of your domain.  If you refuse, you could be sued and risk paying a heavy settlement cost.

Trademarks used to cost at least several thousand dollars because an attorney was involved from start to finish.  However, online trademark services have reduced the cost dramatically by getting attorneys involved only when needed.


Branding is about creating public awareness of your company and products.

If you are already familiar with a company, then you will be more receptive to their offers.  Maybe you became aware of the company through TV or Radio ads, or they were mentioned in a popular TV or radio program, or you saw their logo on a delivery truck, or through magazine ads, or via a billboard you saw as you were driving to work. If there was no specific call to action in the marketing campaign, then it was for branding reasons.

Branding ROI is generally difficult to measure.  Supposedly the demand generation campaigns become more effective because more people were already aware of the company.


Public Relations can help you create awareness

Press Releases For Small Business

Press Releases For Small Business

One of the prime responsibilities of a PR agency is to pitch your story to industry analysts, industry thought leaders, television programs, newspaper journalists and magazines  in hopes of receiving a favorable mention or article.

National journalists are generally inundated with pitches, but the local journalist looking for a local story might be more approachable. If you are a local business, you could pitch your story (or the story of your customer), to local newspapers on how companies are solving problems (using your company’s expertise).

Remember to leverage any mentions and pieces you receive as promotional pieces that can attract leads. For additional ideas read  Cost Effective Press Releases

Press Releases can also generate traffic to your company

Press Releases can create awareness and generate traffic in three ways:

  • It could be sent directly to thousands of journalists in hopes of being picked up and creating awareness for your company.
  • It could be sent to hundreds of online news sites creating awareness and some click-through traffic.
  • It could be sent to thousands of information sites, creating links back to your website that improve your website SEO traffic.

For details, read  Generating Leads With Press Releases

Press release services are available to write and/or distribute your press release.  They will all deliver SEO benefit, but if you want to get picked up by a journalist, you’ll need to use a service that uses tier 1 distributors like PRnewswire.

All branding campaigns, including press release campaigns,  need to be repeated at least once per month for 4 to 6 months before you can expect to see any meaningful impact.


Diversify your marketing campaigns to effectively manage business risk

Chapter 7 will cover The Multiplier Effect, and take everything you learned to a new level of ROI. To give you time to act on the above information, the link for Chapter 7 will be emailed to subscribers in a few days.