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Increase Your Revenues and Profit - Marketing Outfield

Marketing Outfield is a hands-on, strategic, revenue growth consulting firm that collaborates with its clients to deliver accelerated revenue and profit growth. 

We specialize in helping B2B companies, with complex products/services or complex sales processes, accelerate their revenues in USA, Canada and abroad with outstanding outcomes: 

√ 24% annual growth with improved profitability for this $350 million public company

40% annual growth with improved profitability, and a stock price from $3 to $30, for this $150 million public company, that was previously struggling with flat/break-even performance!

 25% annual growth and record profitability for this $75 million public company

 45% annual growth with improved profitability for this entrepreneurial online business.

 40% annual growth for this $30 million private company that was previously experiencing multi-year double-digit revenue declines!)

We collaborate with small and medium-sized businesses, with 50 – 1000 employees, that have competitive products and services, but are not achieving their revenue and profit objectives due to one or more of the following factors:

🚫 Sales team is underachieving, despite recent sales management and Sales rep changes, or, despite investments in Sales Force Automation and CRM technology.

🚫 Marketing ROI is in doubt with questionable lead generation, despite increases in Marketing budget and investments in Marketing Automation and Social Media technologies.

🚫 Product / Service Revenue and profit margins have not met expectations, despite new product/service launches and quarterly product updates.

🚫 Revenue and Profit growth has not been achieved and sustained, despite previously engaging a typical “sales consultant”, “marketing consultant” or “management consultant” to introduce an innovative, popular, or industry best practice “one size fits all” initiative.

We Collaborate With You To Drive Revenue GrowthThere is no one-size-fits-all solution!  Every company is uniquely defined by its history, maturity, culture, management and vision.

We customize our services to best address the unique needs of your company and to drive profitable revenue growth.

Our CEO, David Hubbard, has walked in your shoes as a corporate leader, appreciates the challenges and pressures that you face every day, and will collaborate with you as your trusted consultant/lieutenant to deliver outstanding revenue growth. 

√ Proven Professional Sales Leader, graduating from field Sales representative to geographic/ country Sales management to CSO/ VP Sales, and driven to solve the increasing quota challenges facing the Sales organization.

 Proven Professional Marketing Leader, graduating from field Marketing manager to corporate Marketing management to CMO/VP Marketing, and driven to solve the increasing corporate revenue challenges within a rapidly changing marketplace.

√ Proven Professional P&L Product/Service Leader, graduating from Professional Engineer Computing Systems to Product Manager to EVP Product Management, and driven to successfully reposition complex products and legacy divisions into evolving market opportunities.

 Proven Chief Revenue Growth Officer, graduating from Chief Sales Officer to Chief Marketing Officer to EVP Product Management to Chief Revenue Growth Officer, and driven to multiply the financial impact from Sales, Marketing and Product Management through effective strategic alignment, empowered collaboration and integrated actions.

You do not have to accept your company’s current status quo revenue performance

Let’s talk and identify ways that your company can start accelerating revenue and profit growth today!

Contact David Hubbard, Marketing Outfield CEO, for a to confidential, Complementary Revenue Growth Consultation.