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How Sales Can Get On Track to Accelerated Sales, Productivity & Alignment

Get On Track to Accelerated Sales, Productivity & Alignment image Marketing Outfield

Are you on the right track to accelerate sales and productivity? It often doesn’t feel that way. You’re working harder every year but you’re not consistently achieving quota expectations. You’re not alone. Most companies are on the wrong track.  … [Continue reading]

Align Sales Enablement and Product Marketing to Accelerate Revenue

Driving Product Revenues With Sales Enablement image

Can aligning product marketing and sales enablement accelerate revenue?  Product marketing professionals have a broad set of responsibilities, ranging from product launches and persona research to product messaging, go-to-market strategies and … [Continue reading]

10 Strategic Pitfalls of Marketing Automation To Avoid

Avoiding Strategic Pitfalls of Marketing Automation image

Lack of Strategic Sales and Marketing Alignment is preventing most companies from enjoying double digit Revenue + Profit growth. Marketing Automation has the power to either accelerate, or dramatically impede, our strategic alignment imperative. … [Continue reading]

What Is A Qualified Lead For Sales, Marketing and the Company?

Passing Leads From Marketing To Sales

It would seem to be an easy question for a company to answer, but currently, a qualified business lead seems to depend on who is doing the qualifying: Marketing Qualified Leads, Automation Qualified Leads, Tele-Prospecting Qualified … [Continue reading]

Sales Strategies To Increase Revenues – Your Sales Plan Checklist

Building A Sales Plan To Achieve Goals

  A great Sales Plan represents our roadmap for success.   Sales people are notoriously tactically focused. It’s an advantage when we need sales to close “today”.  It’s a disadvantage when we need to determine an annual plan of attack … [Continue reading]

Align Marketing & Sales Silos To Buyers For Accelerated Revenue Growth

Align Silos For Growth Podcast image

Interested in increasing annual sales by 25-50%? When you align the three revenue-producing functions of your business--product management, product marketing, and sales--you can grow your revenue and improve customer experience. Tune in to my … [Continue reading]