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Align Sales Enablement and Product Marketing to Drive Greater Revenue

Driving Product Revenues With Sales Enablement image

Product marketing professionals have a broad set of responsibilities, ranging from product launches and persona research to product messaging, go-to-market strategies and more. Interestingly, there are many touchpoints between product marketing … [Continue reading]

10 Strategic Pitfalls of Marketing Automation To Avoid

Avoiding Strategic Pitfalls of Marketing Automation image

Lack of Strategic Sales and Marketing Alignment is preventing most companies from enjoying double digit Revenue + Profit growth. Marketing Automation has the power to either accelerate, or dramatically impede, our strategic alignment imperative. … [Continue reading]

Sales Strategies To Increase Revenues – Your Sales Plan Checklist

Building A Sales Plan To Achieve Goals

  A great Sales Plan represents our roadmap for success.   Sales people are notoriously tactically focused. It’s an advantage when we need sales to close “today”.  It’s a disadvantage when we need to determine an annual plan of attack … [Continue reading]

Align Marketing & Sales Silos To Buyers For Accelerated Revenue Growth

Align Silos For Growth Podcast image

Interested in increasing annual sales by 25-50%? When you align the three revenue-producing functions of your business--product management, product marketing, and sales--you can grow your revenue and improve customer experience. Tune in to my … [Continue reading]

Marketing and Sales Unite: Effective Alignment & Collaboration

Smart Sales and Marketing Unite

Getting Sales and Marketing departments in the same room, playing nice, getting along, and cooperating, is definitely a step in the right direction. However, the cold reality is that this is NOT effective alignment or collaboration: … [Continue reading]

Marketing Technology for Better Sales Results

Balancing Marketing Technology With Better Sales Results image

No wonder we are confused. The number of vendors providing Advertising, Marketing OR Sales technology “solutions” has exploded in the last couple of years with it becoming a large multi-billion dollar industry with revenues growing at double digit … [Continue reading]